Inverse Cramer Weekly Update — Nov 19

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Monday, Nov 13

Energy Transfer is very much more stable (Buy, Buy, Buy). It’s a pipeline company, and I like the fact that the stock yields almost 10%, it’s terrific.

-On Energy Transfer (​$ET​)

For a trade, I’ll endorse Alibaba, but I will not endorse anything for investment in China because it’s been a disaster.

-On Alibaba (​$BABA​)

You’ve got it (Buy, Buy, Buy). David asked me today who should be involved in the data center, it’s Vertiv. They are hitting out in the park. You have a winner there.

-On Vertiv Holdings (​$VRT​)

I would stay away from it. At this point as a bear, I’m going to throw in the towel and say enough.If you want to buy a $3 stock as a speculation, I’m not going to fight you on it. I’m not going to hate a $3 stock.

-On Blackberry (​$BB​)

Tuesday, Nov 14

It’s like a mini Salesforce, it’s got incredible growth, and people like growth. I think the stock would rally from here.

-On Hubspot (​$HUBS​)

No, the lithium space is coming down and there’s no reversing it. Kind of not the right place to be.

-On Albemarle (​$ALB​)

They’re not delivering. They’re losing a fortune. I happen to like the founder, but there’s too much hype there, and too much hope there, and I don’t like either.

-On C3.AI (​$AI​)

This thing has been an incredible horse. I’ve had the back of George Kurtz all the darn way and he continues do well for us and I say he will continue to do well.

-On Crowdstrike (​$CRWD​)

Wednesday, Nov 15

I have come around to the idea, not that there are going to be Nuclear reactors built, but that people like to invest in Uranium so that’s the highest quality Uranium play.

-On Cameco (​$CCJ​)

Automotive services is a very hit or miss, that’s why I always believe in Autozone because it does a buyback that is the most aggressive in the New York Stock Exchange and gives me the comfort I need.

On Driven Brands ($DRVN)

I thought this was the first good quarter in a long time. This is not the time to sell Roblox.

-On Roblox (​$RBLX​)

Thursday Nov 16

It’s way too speculative for me. I would rather do Daily Fantasy with Baltimore and Cincinnati than that one. I’m sorry but that one’s a little more investable.

-On Archer Aviation (​$ACHR​)

(Note: We highlighted Archer a few weeks ago in our issue on ​Flying Car Startups​. I am long $ACHR)

Here’s the problem, I don’t know what they own, for all I know is they own bad real estate. It’s just too hard. Mezzanine financing is where I’m very worried. I’m going to say hard pass on that one, hard pass.

-On Arbor Realty (​$ABR​)

I think they had a good quarter. My problem with it is I like the Mastercard and the Visas now. We’re getting away from the crazy fintechs of old, we like the fintechs of new.

-On Block (​$SQ)​

I don’t like tobacco stocks. I’m not in the tobacco game, that’s a bad business.

-On Philip Morris (​$PM​)

Friday, Nov 17

I reiterate, you should own Nvidia, and don’t trade it, because it remains the king of AI semi-conductors. The outperformance here has been staggering and so is the product.

-On Nvidia (​$NVDA​)

I would say oil seems to be bouncing, I would say you’ll be able to get $240 or $242 in Pioneer, I want you to sell it and put the money in Corterra. That’s the plan.

-On Pioneer Natural (​$PXD​)

What you really want is a solar situation, you don’t want a borrowing money situation. Right now with Enphase, you’re borrowing money to buy the product from Enphase, no. We’re not in the finance shop but in the solar shop.

-On Enphase (​$ENPH​)

I think the lawyers for Johnson & Johnson are way too glib. The lawyers are too optimistic and therefore J&J stock cannot be owned until they are more realistic about the hazards of asbestos, and what is done to other companies. They should not be as glib and should be advising the CEO on a more safe and better strategy.

-On Johnson & Johnson (​$JNJ​)

I happen to like Boxton Properties. They own eight A-list properties. Their numbers are great. BXP is probably the best single-office real estate there is. I would say it’s okay to buy.

-On Boxton Properties (​$BXP​)

Cramer Classic

Weekend Bonus

That’s a wrap. As always, we’ll be following Cramer’s every move so you can do the opposite.

Enjoy the week ahead.



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Inverse Cramer

Inverse Cramer

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