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Comic Books performance in 2022

Comics on fractional marketplaces have had a great start in 2022, going nowhere but up. This has been bolstered by strong auction results and a buyout offer on Rally.

Price data taken from Otis and Rally

Comic Books performance last week

Fractional secondary markets

Most comics were up last week, led by Spiderman #129 and Hulk #181 on Otis, up 39% and 35% respectively. Six of the seven decliners were on Rally, which has led to some excellent buying opportunities there – Captain America #3 and Batman #1 look good to us.

All stats come from assets trading on the secondary markets at Otis, Collectable, and Rally


Heritage wrapped up a weekly auction with some fantastic results for the high-end stuff.

The most notable and encouraging result was X-Men #1, which hammered at $75k, $9k above the most recent sale of an identical copy just a fortnight ago.

The strangest super-heroes of all

A CGC 4.5 graded copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 (first Spider-Man) sold for $69k, which was in line with a few recent sales but up over 100% from a year ago. A copy graded 1.8 sold for $28,800, which was up 10% from a month ago and 50% year on year. Another good example of higher-tier blue chips (the 4.5 graded Amazing Fantasy #15) outpacing lesser versions (the 1.8), matching the same trend we’ve been observing over the last twelve months.

A copy of Fantastic Four #1 graded CGC 4.5 leaped over 50% from a couple of months ago to hammer at $36k, though it’s worth noting the page color was slightly superior.

Lower-quality comics were mostly flat to down.

Comic Books dropping this week

New IPOs

This week marks a new entrant to the fractional comics space as Dibbs drops a CGS 9.0 copy of Hulk #181.

Wolverine features in here, I promise.

With Dibbs, unlike Rally and Otis, you can choose exactly how much of the asset you want to buy (see graphic above).

We wrote about Incredible Hulk #181 when Rally IPO’ed a superior CGC 9.8 copy around a year ago. That copy was bought out, but Otis has another CGC 9.8 copy available at a market cap of $70k.

Hulk #181 is special not because of the green guy but because it features Wolverine’s first full appearance (he had a cameo in Hulk #180). Dibbs did a write-up of its significance that goes into a bit more detail than ours did.

Here are the drop details:

Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 9.0

  • Market Cap: $11k
  • Inferred Value: $12k
  • Dropping: Dibbs 8th February 2022
  • Our view: [INSIDERS ONLY]

Secondary markets

A CGC 9.8 copy of Ghost Rider #1 trades for the first time this week on Rally. The current market cap (as of morning 8th Feb) is at $20k, but the inferred value was only $10k. That said, I’m grateful for any excuse to post a clip from the awful film!


Pretty quiet this week, though ComicConnect is hosting a pulp comics auction if that’s your thing.

Maybe this is your kind of thing?

Next week in comics

At Auction

ComicConnect has a pretty decent auction coming up in a couple of weeks including a CGC 9.8 copy of Spiderman #129 (first Punisher) among others. To be honest it’s hard to get a feel for the whole auction, because the sorting and filtering options are… uh, limited.

“One Batch, Two Batch, Penny, And Dime.”

Heritage is running another mid-tier auction next week with a Daredevil #1 and Avengers #1 leading the way.

Likewise, ComicLink has lots of mid-tier stuff this week and next.



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