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Wyatt Cavalier
Wyatt Cavalier
With a background in finance & intelligence analysis, Wyatt has an unhealthy obsession with finding the best blue chip investment opportunities. His previous newsletter, Fractional, resonated deeply with subscribers, bringing actionable insights and unconventional trading strategies. His rare book collection specializes in banned editions. He currently lives in Spain with his beautiful wife, three young boys, and dog Monty.
wyatt and house of rare

Altea Update: May 24

After a fantastic few days with Altea member Miguel, I’m back from Tequila, Mexico. This was a diligence trip in support of our ​Tequila I SPV​.

Finance Wrapped

How Crocs became a global juggernaut

EU Finalizes World’s First AI Law, Lab Grown Meat Hits Singapore Shelves, Mars & Tripadvisor Launch Pet-Friendly Travel Hub, and More.

Alts Cafe

GameStop has ventured into collectibles

Powell anticipates monthly decline in inflation, Colorado home listings rose, and prices fell, Web app platform Vercel raised $250 million, Squarespace will be acquired by Permira, and More.

robot making a salad
Finance Wrapped

Salad-Making Robots

Sweetgreen’s Salad-Making Robots, The World’s Largest Autonomous Trucking Network, Reebok’s AI-Powered Sneakers, and More.

baseball cards
Alts Cafe

$2m worth of baseball cards went missing

The US economy’s soft landing is still on track, Houston’s luxury home sales surged 34%, Cybersecurity startup Wiz raised $1 billion, and More.

the macro compass
The Big Deal

Investment Opportunity for Accredited Investors

Today, I’ve got something completely different for you. Our friend Alfonso Peccatiello (Alf) over at ​The Macro Compass​ is raising a macro-focussed fund, and I’d like to share it with you.

mexican banknote
Finance Wrapped

The Mexican Peso’s Meteoric Rise

Budweiser Turns Song Mentions into Spotify Ads, Base Power Company: The Modern Power Company, Challenges Facing The World’s Largest Olive Oil Producer, and More.

Alts Cafe

A massive Q1 for PE

“no signs of stagflation”, San Antonio is heating up, Peloton’s CEO stepped down, and many more.