Author: Wyatt Cavalier

real estate crash
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US real estate is in trouble

The S&P 500 closed below the pre-pandemic highs, Crypto is trending sideways for now, Real Estate is in huge trouble, NFTs had a better September than the equity markets, and more!

The WC

The WC – Let’s live longer

Today we’re looking at skipping stones gone wrong, 20 million billion ants, Americans dying two years earlier, my next genius idea, and a very tough week for the UK.

us asset classes
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The USD and GBP hit near parity

USD and GBP hit near parity, we’re accumulating Wine and Whisky, the resiliency of Crypto, interest hikes will rise through 2023, Azuki’s huge bump in NFTs, and more!

nft crash
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Crypto not volatile enough for you? Try NFTs!

In today’s Alts Cafe, CPI print higher than forecasted, we’re accumulating Wine and Whisky in our ALTS 1 fund, ETH and BTC tanked tied to equity markets, BNPL delinquencies are on the rise in Real Estate, NFTs are on 2022 lows, much more pain to come from Startups, and a lot more!

pakistan flood
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The WC – Let’s live forever

Immortal jellyfish, the global market for natural catastrophe. China is losing nearly half its population by 2100, pro-Ukraine sh*t-posters, and kids nowadays have no respect for their elders.

ethereum merge
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The US dollar is up but Q4’s looking bad

In today’s Alts Cafe, US dollar continued to march higher against worldwide currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum jumped in sync with the equity markets, our NFT blue-chip index was up 14%, and tons of more


Buyer’s Guide to the Print market

Today we’re talking about art prints. The art world is made up of a series of niche markets, and one of the most underrated (and misunderstood) is the print market.

The WC

The WC – Let’s win a BMW

London’s biggest landowner, what people want ≠ what they say they want, Cuba’s white coat army, and more!

Alts Cafe

Startups are having a tech meltdown

In today’s Alts Cafe, the overall market continued to slide, divergence in ETH and BTC, rent prices for single-family homes in the US surged, NFTs pretty much following Ethereum, tech meltdown, and a lot more.