Binance gets rekt

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What’s on deck today:

  • A four week rally in equities – is the risk trade back on?
  • All bad news in real estate.
  • Is there a private credit bubble?
  • Binance gets rekt.

Macro View

It was the fourth winning week in a row for US markets.

Bullish News

  • American consumers spent a lot – $9.8 billion – and traveled a lot (+3% YoY) last week.
  • The WSJ ​thinks​ investors are back on for the risk trade. I disagree.

Bearish News


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​Chance the Fed will hold rates steady in December.​



​Chance credit card defaults will rise in Q3​



​National average house price increase in 2023​

The markets aren’t expecting any surprises in December.

What are we doing?

​ALTS 1​ Fund news:

We’re drawing up the paperwork for our art acquisition.

Real Estate

Bullish News

  • Nothing of note.

Bearish News

  • During the first nine months of 2023, ​only​ one out of three expiring securitized office mortgages were paid off.
  • Home sales fell to a 13-month ​low​ in October.
  • California housing ​affordability​ declined for the second straight quarter and dropped to the lowest level since 2007.

How to invest in real estate right now:



Bullish News

  • Airbnb ​acquired​ stealth AI company for $200 million.
  • Neuralink has quietly ​raised​ another $43 million.
  • How AI could ​power​ the climate breakthrough the world needs.
  • The ​share​ of U.S. venture funding going to companies in the San Francisco Bay Area hit a multiyear high this year, boosted largely by the AI boom.

Bearish News

  • 1/3 of startups have ​less​ than twelve months of runway.
  • 64% of finance execs think valuations have not yet hit rock bottom, with half of those predicting it will take a while until they do.
  • About half of finance executives reported high odds (over 50%) that their next round will be a down round.
  • TikTok owner byteDance has ​started​ laying off swathes of employees in its gaming division.
  • Unsurprisingly, Israeli VC deals have ​declined​ sharply since October 7th.
  • In completely unpredictable news, ChatGPT is obliterating lots of GPTWrapper ​shitcos​ as it continues to build out its own capacity.

How to invest in startups right now:

Pick up great copmanies raising down rounds.

Private Equity and Private Credit

Bullish News

  • Multistrategy hedge fund Third Point is ​loading up​ on private credit.
  • Nomura is ​looking​ to put down $1 billion from its own balance sheet over the next 18 months to participate on private lending deals.
  • Avenue Capital Group is ​raising​ between $600 and $800 to invest in environmental impact private credit.
  • Private credit funds are ​providing​ a record €4.5 billion ($4.9 billion) loan to back the buyout of Adevinta ASA.

Bearish News

  • Private equity firms are ​resorting​ to buying back companies they only recently took public in a bid to salvage investments that have struggled to perform on stock exchanges.
  • Saudi Arabia ​raised​ $11 billion through a syndicated loan, the biggest globally by a government this year, as it looks to finance a budget deficit amid weaker oil revenues.

How to invest in PE and Private Credit right now:

Do you smell that? It’s a private credit bubble.

Crypto & NFTs

Here’s what you need to know:

Markets pulling back slightly over the weekend.

Getting nervous here.

NFTs are quietly up over 20% this year.

Bullish News

  • Changpeng Zhao ​pled​ guilty to fraud and stepped down as Binance CEO.
  • He’s ​asked​ permission to flee travel outside the country ahead of his sentencing.
  • Investors have ​pulled​ nearly $1 billion out of Binance.

Bearish News

  • The SEC ​charged​ Kraken with operating its crypto trading platform as an unregistered securities exchange, broker, dealer, and clearing agency.

How to invest in Crypto & NFTs right now:

It’s accumulation season.

That’s all for this week




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