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On fractional marketplaces Rally and Otis, cultural assets have dipped into negative territory overall and are down about 25% so far on the year.

Cultural Assets Performance 2021 - 2022

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Lunar Meteorite

Invest in a Lunar Meteorite

Today, we’re covering investment opportunities for Meteorites:
-A Lunar Meteorite IPO’ing on Rally
-Opportunities to buy tiny slices of this same meteorite. Like actual fractions of it that you can have in your house.

Apple iPhone 2G A1203

Invest in an iPhone

Today we’re digging into a special piece of cultural history – First run original iPhone 2G sealed in its box.

Albert Einstein Signed Letter on God

Invest in Einstein

Today, we’re covering the investment opportunities Albert Einstein Memorabilia:
-Albert Einstein Signed Letter on God IPO’ing on Rally

Optimus Prime 1984 Transformers G1 Pepsi

Invest in an OG iPod & a Transformer

Today, we’re covering the investment opportunities for two iconic items from the recent(ish) past:
-Apple iPod 2001 1st Edition (Sealed)
-Optimus Prime 1984 Transformers G1 Pepsi Edition AFA 85
-Plus, an early arbitrage opportunity

NASA Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Control Stick

Invest in the Moon Landing

Today we’re digging into a special piece of space history – Buzz Aldrin’s control stick from Apollo 11. It trades 1 July 2021 starting at 0930 EST on Rally.

Bleu Saphir Lezard

Trading Update – Hermes Birkin Handbags

This is part of a new feature – a deep dive into assets that are trading this week. In this case, two Hermès Birkin Bags:
-A 25 CM Bleu Saphir Lezard that opens for trading Wednesday, June 16th at 9:30 AM EST
-A 20 CM Blue Sellier Faubourg that opens for trading Friday, June 18th at 9:30 AM EST

Carlos Santana Gibson SG Guitar (Signed)

Invest in Carlos Santana

Today, we’re covering the investment opportunities for Carlos Santana:
-Carlos Santana Gibson SG Guitar (Signed) IPO’ing on Rally
-Some sealed vinyl albums that are remarkably affordable

Apple iPhone 2G A1203

Invest in an original sealed Apple iPhone 2G

Today, we’re covering the investment opportunities for original sealed iPhones:
-First run original iPhone 2G sealed in its box
-Several other original iPhones available at auction

Inaugural Addresses (Inscibed by Jackie)

Invest in JFK and Jackie

We’re digging into a special piece of JFK / Jackie nostalgia: Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the U.S. inscribed by Jackie Kennedy. It will be trade on Rally May 27th, 2021 from 9:30 AM – 4 PM EST. If you want to get these updates for all asset types, you can click the button below. That will subscribe you to updates and analyses for the secondary markets.

1976 Apple l Computer

1976 Apple I Computer

Today is a deep dive into 1976 Apple I Computer that will IPO on Rally noon EST 23rd April 2021.

Mosasaur Skeleton on Rally

Todays deep-dive is on a prehistoric dinosaur fossil IPO’ing on fractional investing site Rally Road.

Sports memorabilia investing with Collectable | Alternative Assets

Sports Memorabilia Investing with Collectable

A deep dive into Collectable — an investment platform dedicated to sports memorabilia. Includes interview with CEO Ezra Levine, and marks the launch of the Alternative Assets Podcast

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Absolute must-read every time it hits my inbox. Stefan and Wyatt are web wizards, appraising assets using a mixture of arcane product knowledge, SEO sorcery and metrics magic. They lifts a veil shrouding the Internet to show its secret world of side hustle and investment opportunities.