Inverse Cramer Weekly Update — Mar 24

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Monday, Mar 18

It had a mixed quarter, see part of the business is on fire, but the other part is not at fire at all. That’s why I’m saying we’ve got to wait. We’ve got to get closer when the rest of the business turns around. It’s not there yet.

-On Marvell Technology (​$MRVL​)

People like it. It is a dynamite company. It is a buy. It is expensive but they really know what they are doing.

-On Datadog (​$DDOG​)

Very speculative situation. I love the balance sheet, I love what the company is doing, and you want to be a little diversified because you’re going all in like the uranium energy company.

-On Centrus Energy (​$LEU​)

They were doing great and then they did this convertible bond that wrecked the stock. The stock has been in the dog house ever since and I don’t like it when I tell people to buy a stock that’s been staying in a dog house.

-On SoFi Technologies (​$SOFI​)

Tuesday, Mar 19

Keep buying those iRobots, they’re on sale at Costco, but the stock is a (Sell, Sell, Sell)

-On iRobot (​$IRBT​)

I don’t like Dominion. I think they made a lot of mistakes in their balance sheet. Can’t let you out of the house of pain with that one.

-On Dominion Energy (​$D​)

My wife says I want to buy Rivian, but I’m worried about the balance sheet. It’s a well-run company, but I’d rather buy the car than the stock.

-On Rivian Automotive (​$RIVN​)

I agree it’s a great company, but football season is over, I think it’s gonna pause. I want a pause on that one, I don’t want you to buy it right here, let it come in.

-On DraftKings (​$DKNG​)

Wednesday, Mar 20

I like e-commerce. I like Amazon more than Shopify. But I think Shopify does a terrific job for medium-sized businesses. I would stick by it.

-On Shopify (​$SHOP​)

Capital One is terrific. Management is great. I say stick with that one. It is a good company.

-On Capital One (​$COF​)

I like Palantir. I like the quarter last time. It’s a good company.

-On Palantir (​$PLTR​)

We’ve been very clear on Cava. It got too hot, then it came down, we said buy, buy, buy. It’s been right and we’re sticking with it but don’t forget Chipotle is the king.

-On Cava Group (​$CAVA​)

Thursday, Mar 21

I would rather buy Nvidia a hundred points higher than it is rather than SMCI. That’s how I feel about it.

-On Supermicro (​$SMCI​)

It’s so hard. If we trusted the Chinese to do the right thing, can they do the right thing by working really hard, then I would say buy it. But right now they seem to be inclined to attack the rich people including the people who run that company. So we’re going to hold off.

-On Alibaba (​$BABA​)

I like AMD here. I think it has been in the penalty box long enough that I’m in the Nvidia land but I haven’t lost sight that Lisa Su is one of the greatest managers of all time. It’s time for me to think can I own both for my capital trust, Nvidia and AMD? I think I can.

-On Advanced Micro (​$AMD​)

Lowe’s is really good and Marvin Ellison is a great CEO. Lowe’s almost had its all-time high. Home Depot is great too. Both of those are good. Either one is a great buy right now.

-On Lowe’s (​$LOW​)

Friday, Mar 22

I like Arm very much. I wanted to be sure about that lock-up expiration, and it looks like it’s coming (Buy, Buy, Buy). You’ve got a good situation over there. I’m going to be a buyer.

-On Arm Holdings (​$ARM​)

I would have told you to sell the stock but you can’t anymore, why? Because Jim Whitehurst is now in charge, and he’s a winner (Buy, Buy, Buy). I’ve changed my mind on the stock because he has now run it.

-On Unity Software (​$U​)

I’m not gonna tell you to sell the stock. Hold it if it drops down, and buy more, but I can’t tell you to sell it, it’s too good.

-On General Electric (​$GE​)

I’ve been hard on Teva because I like Lilly, but Teva’s situation is improving and it’s ridiculously inexpensive. They actually have good scientists there, so I’m not knocking Teva anymore. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna go in on Teva.

-On Teva Pharma (​$TEVA​)

Weekend Bonus

That’s a wrap. As always, we’ll be following Cramer’s every move so you can do the opposite.

Enjoy the week ahead.



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