Inverse Cramer Weekly Update — Mar 31

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Monday, Mar 25

They’re very good at what they do. I’ve known them for 40 years. They are just really good. Stock has a big run now. I think they could make more money than they have.

-On KKR & CO (​$KKR​)

The stock has been getting crushed. It’s really inexpensive. I think it’s a buy. It’s been flat for months, I think it’s time to buy the stock.

-On Becton Dickinson (​$BDX​)

This is the hottest stock. It’s going to make money. It’s really good. This is a dev ops shop, where they can develop hardware software in a platform. People love these kinds of stocks, they can’t live without them.

-Samsara (​$IOT​)

It’s a great company to buy here. A mineral company is a terrific idea.

-On Rio Tinto (​$RIO​)

I think this company is a buy (Buy, Buy, Buy). Wes Edens is absolutely terrific to what he does.

-New Fortress Energy (​$NFE​)

Tuesday, Mar 26

No. I actually want earnings leverage right now, it’s why people like Citi. I like Wells Fargo and Morgan Stanley.

-On State Street (​$STT​)

I like Visa very much here. I like that settlement that was announced today. It’s gonna clear their heads a little bit. Visa is too close to its all-time high. If it comes a little, I’ll be a buyer.

-On Visa (​$V​)

This is a very good navy contractor that I have liked ever since the spin-off dating years and years ago. Now it had a very big run, but I think it can go higher. It’s a winner, not a loser.

-On Huntington Ingalls (​$HII​)

I discovered this stock. This was a company that we owned for a long time. It is absolutely terrific, it sells 14x its earnings. You’re on a good one. It’s good for industrial gases. Stay on that stock.

-On Chart Industries (​$GTLS​)

Wednesday, Mar 27

I can’t recommend that stock. It just has no earnings power. There are so many good stocks right now, we don’t need that.

-On Archer Aviation (​$ACHR​)

I think that Greyhound bus has left the station, and I’ve got to wait. The thing doubled in no time. We don’t buy doubles here.

-On Robinhood (​$HOOD​)

Jennifer Rumsey is doing such a fabulous job. I don’t want you to sell on the Cummins. You just got to pull extra money and buy the GE. As a matter of fact, I forbid you from selling Cummins, but you can buy GE.

-On Cummins (​$CMI​)

Actually at this level with a 6% yield, I would buy some more. It’s good idea, and I haven’t felt that way with Crown Castle for ages.

-On Crown Castle (​$CCI​)

Thursday, Mar 28

Pfizer has been the worst. Let’s get Pfizer a chance. They got this really good acquisition Seagen. Let’s give it some time here.

-On Pfizer (​$PFE​)

Leidos is a great defense contractor that is actually not struggling to get money out of Congress. It’s a winner. I don’t want to get out of that horse yet.

-On Leidos Holdings (​$LDOS​)

Friday, Mar 29

Good Friday

Cramer Classic

Weekend Bonus

That’s a wrap. As always, we’ll be following Cramer’s every move so you can do the opposite.

Enjoy the week ahead.



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Inverse Cramer

Inverse Cramer

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