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August 31, 2022
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WTF is Quiet Quitting?

Last week, the topic of quiet quitting went pretty viral on the Millennial and Gen Z-dominated platform TikTok.

And mainstream media had no idea what that was:

Sounds scary

It’s the fundamental view that corporations don’t give two sh*ts about their employees, so they shouldn’t do any more than the absolutely necessary minimum required to keep their job. For them, the idea of work-life balance is hopelessly outdated and should be ignored. Work to live, don’t live to work.

  • 6pm meetings? Nope.
  • Respond to emails while on holiday? Negative.
  • Deal with that extra shitty customer? F*ck em.

The #quietquitting hashtag now has over 65m views on TikTok (maybe more by the time you read this).

The idea is perhaps a glimpse of a post-labor future, once the robots take over.

If you want to dig into the mentality behind quiet quitting, this is a fantastic piece. One quote I’ll pull out to tempt you:

Everyone wants to work. In fact, most of us yearn for real work, but we have removed “work” from most jobs to our own detriment. We have replaced work with a glut of the unnecessary.

Love Taco Bell more than your future spouse?

I’ve got just the thing for you…

If spending $50 on a Vegas drive through wedding just isn’t enough for you, you can now tie the knot (for real) at a Metaverse Taco Bell chapel. In the words of the beloved almost-Mexican franchise:

Does your love run deep for Taco Bell and each other? Do you want to celebrate that love somewhere no one has before? Then look no further. Say “I do” to a Taco Bell wedding in the Metaverse. We are looking for a couple to get married at our Taco Bell Metaverse Wedding chapel. This is a very real marriage and you must be eligible to be married to enter.

You’ve got to upload a video (no further information) to enter, and I reckon the best strategy is to film yourself eating as many soft taco supremes as possible, while your partner washes your hair with fire sauce.

Naked, of course.

French football is getting weird

Things are looking a bit awkward ahead of this year’s World Cup in Qatar. I’m not sure what’s going on in the French team, but slightly-past-it Paul Pogba has apparently put some sort of curse on it-boy Kylian Mbappe.

Dealing with top-tier talents (and the egos that go along with them) is always a factor for football managers, but this is something that’s unlikely to have come up in the job interview.

Maybe give Phil Jackson a call.

Pelotons are just bikes with an iPad

Covid darling Peloton is having a no-good-very-bad year in 2022.

The company lost $1.2b against $687m in revenue. THEY LOST TWICE AS MUCH AS THEY MADE.

Prices are up, sales are down, and people just don’t want to pay $1800 for a stationary bike with a touchscreen on it (plus $44/mo for the app).

Because now you can, you know, just go outside.

For what it’s worth, Zoom is also off more than 80% since it’s Covid highs.

Speaking of bikes…

I’d like to think there’s a meeting room somewhere deep in France’s socialist underbelly where they just think up schemes to troll American tech companies.

France will now pay you 4,000 euros to get yourself an electric bike if you swap out your gas-guzzling auto. For those who want to stick with their internal combustion engine, a smaller 400 euro subsidy is available if you keep your car.

It’s gonna be a tough 2023 for Peloton in France.

Stock photos if e-bikes are boring, so here’s a video of ten people crashing on them.

What caught your eye this week?





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