‘17-’18 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor BGS 9.5 Kylian Mbappe

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Sports Cards in 2022

Firstly, as a reminder, here’s my view on sports cards sectors for 2022:

-All soccer, especially vintage
-Vintage basketball
-Vintage football
-Hockey, except for ultra blue-chip
-Modern basketball

Not trying to be a broken record, but sports cards just continue to hover within a few percentage points…

It’s gone sideways since the beginning of 2022. Perhaps that’s better than it going down?

All stats come from assets trading on secondary markets at Otis, Collectable, and Rally

But there’s actually quite a lot of movement below the surface. Hockey and soccer cards are doing well, especially on Rally.

Sports cards on Rally, Otis, and Collectable for 2022

I did a small thread on this today, and TLDR; the platform matters more right now than the assets themselves.

Last Week in Sports Cards

Fractional secondary markets

Another good week for tier two cards (soccer and hockey), while tier three (tennis, boxing, golf, wrestling) was mostly down. Tier one was flat to down.

All stats come from assets trading on the secondary markets at Otis, Collectable, and Rally

Conversely, it was a pretty good week over at Alt, with baseball, basketball, and football up significantly, while soccer and hockey were down.

Indices taken from OnlyAlts

Things were mixed over at CardLadder again, but basketball and baseball are having a good month. Golf was the big loser – off with 5%.

Remember these are monthly returns though, not weekly.

Courtesy CardLadder. These are monthly returns.


Goldin’s elite auction finally wrapped up. Let’s see how our watch list did:

  • Steph Curry /25 2009 Panini NT RPA. Curry cards have been 🚀 this year, and this result continued the trend. Our price to beat was $780k, and it finished at $840k.
  • We were also watching a super rare 1947 Nannina Ferenc Puskas rookie card. Puskas was the first truly international football (soccer) superstar. The winning bid hit $122,800, which is remarkable for a player probably no one on this email list has ever heard of… In fact, FIFA’s most beautiful goal of the year award is named for him, and he scored over 700 goals in his career. You can learn more about the player and his cards in the video below if you’d like.

This could be something to watch, as most investors are priced out of Pele and Maradona cards.

Finally, we were watching the Walter Payton rookie card to see WTF is going on with it. The card’s chart has been all over the place, and the price to beat last week was $120k if we’re looking for it to break out. It hammered at $97k, which was disappointing. However…the card is still on an upward trend over the last five months. Definitely one to watch.

Now on to Leland’s, who wrapped up their Winter Classic 2022 with perhaps the most hilarious result of the year. Tom Brady’s “final” TD ball was auctioned off for $518k only hours before he announced he was coming out of retirement.

While I wouldn’t say the ball is worthless now, it’s certainly worth a heck of a lot less than half a million bucks.

This Week

Assets dropping on marketplaces

Better than Ronaldo?

Two football (soccer) drops this week from Collectable.

’17-’18 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor BGS 9.5 Kylian Mbappe

  • Market Cap: $54k
  • Inferred Value: $30k
  • Date: 3/16/22 on Collectable
  • Our View: [INSIDERS ONLY]

’02 Panini Portugal Stickers RC #306 PSA10 Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Market Cap: $109,500
  • Inferred Value: $81k
  • Date: 3/17/22 on Collectable
  • Our View: [INSIDERS ONLY]


PWCC’s monthly premier auction is underway with a lot to like. One dynamic I’m keeping an eye on:

They’ve got both a PSA 10 and SGC 10 Michael Jordan rookie, and the latter is in PWCC’s top 30% for eye appeal. While PSA versions of the card have historically outpaced their SGC counterparts, the prices for the two have begun to converge lately.

Currently, the PSA 10 is at $200k while the SGC 10 is significantly lower — $100k.

While not a sports card, the other lot to watch here is a 1999 Pokemon Base Set Shadowless 1st Edition Holo Charizard #4 PSA 10. The card, which was nearly 50% off it’s $400k high in March 2021, had a fantastic result two weeks ago at Heritage, posting up at $336k. It’s currently the highest-valued lot at the auction at $240k.



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