Author: Colin Ma

nft nyc

NFT NY – Was it worth it?

It’s a different flavour of Colin Ma this week as he gives us a boots on the ground view of NFT NY.


How to invest during a Crypto bear market

Today, we’re taking a closer look at GMX – perhaps the best Defi/Yield farming protocol to use in a bear market. And with its unique mechanics and tokenomics, this might be just what we need during the Crypto cold season.

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Bad week for ex-OpenSea exec Nate Chastain

Nate Chastain, former head of Product at OpenSea, has been charged with insider trading. In this issue, we’ll recap how it went down, and how blockchain technology makes it possible to uncover scams like these. Plus, we have a mock-up example of how shady traders can use social media to pump and dump.

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Can this article change your mind on NFTs?

This issue will be a different one. If, like me, you’re huge on crypto, but sceptic on NFTs, you might want to hear about my journey from doubter to believer (or at least someone who can see the value of them as an investible asset)


Our take on $UST, $LUNA & the depegging

Today, we’re looking $UST TerraUSD & $LUNA Terra. How the depegging of one of the fastest-growing stablecoins happened? What are the risks of $UST not repegging & what’s our take?

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All you need to know about DAOs

Today, we’re looking at DAOs. What is a DAO & How does it work? Why do we need them & some examples? How to get started & create your own DAO?

solana logo

All you need to know about Solana

Today, we’re looking at Solana, the second-largest blockchain project by market capitalization. We talk about the price, the community, the pros and cons, their roadmap and their competition.

celsius network

All you need to know about the Celsius Network

Today, we’re looking at Celsius – an innovative crypto finance platform with zero fees, fast transactions, and a high degree of transparency, where you can earn 7.1% APY from stablecoins, as opposed to a standard savings account with a measly .01%. Is this too good to be true?