Author: Horacio Ruiz

moonbird 2754

Moonbird #2754

Today we dive into NFTs index, XCOPY
s Bottom Feeder, NFTs on OpenSea, projects minting, and this week’s fractional IPOs.
-Moonbird #2754
-Tom Sachs Rocket Factory “Gamechanger”

aswang preview image

Aswang Tribe, Azuki controversy & more

Today’s dive gives you some perspective on the overall NFT fractional market, NFTs dropped on marketplaces, projects minting this week, and some industry news.

blue tassel azuki 8467

“Blue Tassel” Azuki #8467

Today’s a look into our NFT weekly index, the top spot in sales volume on OpenSea this week, NFT projects minting, industry news, and the one new drop on NFT fractional marketplace.
-“Blue Tassel” Azuki #8467


Moonbirds explained in a way you’ll understand

In this post we explain why the world has gone nuts over Moonbirds. Also, why Meta shouldn’t be the only one on the naughty step for ripping people off… turns out Roblox should be sitting there with them. For double the time.


World of Women #6586

Today, we’ve got a new Rally drop + some industry news, and some undead fun.

glowing eyes

“Glowing Eyes” Azuki #6704

We’ve got loads to talk about this time, including three NFTs IPO’ing on Rally.
-“Glowing Eyes” Azuki #6704
-Sandbox 9-Plot Estate NFT
-Mutant Ape #9114

holographic doodle

“Holographic” Doodle #6778

This week is a dive into NFTs performances, NFT Avatars. Meebit, World of Women Galaxy, $APE, NFTS dropping in fractional marketplaces, and tons more!

tribe x empire prev image

Tribe X Empire

Are NFTS in a bear market? This week we look into where NFTs in fractional markets are going, quick dive into NFTs on OpenSea, and the highlights of cool two projects minting this week.

heroes of the metaverse

Heroes of the Metaverse

Each week, we give you our analysis of the NFT market and any current IPOs, plus a heads up on cool projects we think are worth checking out.

farmtogether vineyard

A Look at FarmTogether

FarmTogether is an investment platform for buying shares of real, yield-producing farmland. This includes a bonus podcast with FarmTogether CEO Artem Milinchuk.