Inverse Cramer Weekly Update — Feb 4

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Monday, Jan 29

This got to be one of the most hated stocks ever. Every morning I came in and somebody would say cutting numbers and cutting prices. I’m going against them and say for $438, I’m finally ready to pull the trigger. At least a quarter of a position, it’s just too low.

-On Northrop Grumman (​$NOC​)

I’m fond of this company (Buy, Buy, Buy). It’s a little quirky but it’s good. Global industrial foods have always been my fave.

-On John Beam Tech (​$JBT​)

You’re not doing well at all. We don’t want AMC, it’s not doing well. We want stocks that go higher. Let’s understand that the consumers are not going the the movies like they used to. Why don’t you go buy Netflix?

-On AMC Entertainment (​$AMC​)

Tuesday, Jan 30

That industry is in up and down, up and down, right now. It is too hard for this guy. I’m taking a hard pass.

-On Surgery Partners (​$SGRY​)

It is still not too late to buy Energy Transfer (Buy, Buy, Buy).

-On Energy Transfer (​$ET​)

I haven’t liked Vodafone for 20 years, and it’s rewarded my dislike. I’m gonna say something monumental right here right now, I am willing to recommend the stock of Verizon.

-On Vodafone (​$VOD​)

I like those guys, but I have no illusions. They’re losing a lot of money. We don’t like to recommend stocks that are losing money in Mad Money. If you recognize it as a spec, you can go for it, but I don’t recommend that stock on a mental basis.

-On Crispr Therapeutics (​$CRSP​)

Wednesday, Jan 31

It’s too low. I’ve been saying Sell, Sell, Sell. I’m now switching (Buy, Buy, Buy). Enough is enough, buy at $40.

-On Devon Energy (​$DVN​)

I think maybe it’s a spec, maybe it’s not well presented. I don’t know what’s going on. I do know it’s a good company but I like DraftKings more. I’m a DraftKings guy and it’s headed much higher.

-On SGHC (​$SGHC​)

It’s kind of a classic stock. It’s not sexy, it’s not that interesting, it’s a business that’s a good one. And it got what I call ‘horse sense’.

-On Simpson (​$SSD​)

Thursday, Feb 1

I think it’s fine. It’s very low, I think it’s something to look at.

-On Chewy (​$CHWY​)

These are airline stocks, and airline stocks should be making a lot of money. I’m not gonna start inventing reasons why we should own them, I just don’t have any.

-On JetBlue Airways (​$JBLU​)

I like Home Depot. It’s got a very good run. It also has a very good yield.

-On Home Depot (​$HD​)

Friday, Feb 2

I think you’re right about Block. Jack is back doing his thing. Block or Square is going higher, and you’ve got a winner.

-On Block (​$SQ​)

We now feel to wait another quarter to see what they will gonna do. We don’t wanna jump too soon. This is a troubled situation.

-On Walgreen Boots (​$WBA​)

What a quarter they put. They’re just killing it. I saw what Shugar did, WOW, what a monster quarter. It sells 20x its earnings. Could it go higher? Perhaps, but it’s a good company. Kind of caught me a bit by surprise.

-On Nextracker (​$NXT​)

Cramer Classic

Weekend Bonus

That’s a wrap. As always, we’ll be following Cramer’s every move so you can do the opposite.

Enjoy the week ahead.



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Inverse Cramer

Inverse Cramer

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