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Today, we’re covering the investment opportunities for Carlos Santana:

  • Carlos Santana Gibson SG Guitar (Signed) IPO’ing on Rally
  • Some sealed vinyl albums that are remarkably affordable

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Carlos Santana Gibson SG Guitar (Signed)

About the asset

This is a 1961 Les Paul/SG guitar owned and played by Carlos Santana. It also comes with a “Gibson Artist Case,” which is quite rare itself.

It’s thought that he picked it up around 1973, as that’s when the case was introduced, though he could have bought the case after he purchased the guitar.

The guitar itself features a solid mahogany body and gold plated hardware (faded).

While there are no photos or videos of Santana himself playing it, you can enjoy a video of someone else showing it off.

According to Rally’s SEC filings, they bought the guitar from Todd Brunel. Rally wouldn’t confirm / not the identity of the seller, but there’s a quite famous classical and jazz musician named Todd Brunel. Could be the same guy, and I’d think that would add to its value slightly.

From everything I can find out about Santana and the guitars he used, this one didn’t feature heavily in his rotation. As mentioned, there are no photos or videos of him using it, and it’s not listed in any of the sites that show off what he used.

In fact the only real evidence of him having it and playing it are a photo of him with the guitar and a certificate of authenticity. Which isn’t to say I think it’s fake; just that it’s not a guitar he played much.

About the drop

This asset will drop on Rally at noon EST with a market cap of $75k and $15k retained equity (20%). From then, there will be around a 90 day lock up before the asset begins trading quarterly.

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About Carlos Santana

Carlos Humberto Santana Barragán was born in Mexico in 1947. He rose to fame with a distinctive blend of rock and Latin American jazz. His star rose and fell in the 1960s and 1970s before he came back onto the popular scene in 1990s with his most famous and popular album, Supernatural, dropping in 1999.

Santana is one of Rolling Stone’s top 20 guitarists of all time, and he’s won 10 Grammy Awards along with three Latin Grammy Awards.

He was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.

Watch Santana and Rob Thomas play Smooth, his most commercially successful song.

Recent sales history and Valuation

Inferred value is between $45k and $65k.

Other ways to invest in Carlos Santana

There’s a thriving market for sealed Santana vinyl at relatively affordable price points.



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