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Today, we’re covering the investment opportunities for Garbage Pail Kids:

  • Nasty Nick 1985 Garbage Pail Kids Stickers PSA 10
  • Some unopened wax to drool over

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Nasty Nick 1985 Garbage Pail Kids Stickers PSA 10

About the Asset

This is a PSA 10 version of the Nasty Nick card from the original 1985 Garbage Pail Kids series. Because it was the first in the series, it was placed at the top left of the card sheet, which meant it was often cut in such a way that the centring would be off. Because of that, there are only 22 PSA 10s in circulation.

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About the drop

This asset will drop on Rally 30th June 2021 at noon EST with a market cap of $12k. It will be locked up for around five months before trading quarterly.

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About Nasty Nick and the GPK

Topps launched the Garbage Pail Kids in 1985 as an attempt to satirise / parody the uber-wholesome Cabbage Patch Kids.

The cards featured all the things kids love and parents hate – gross images, self-destructive messages, and ridiculous characters. I adored them when I was six. I imagine my mum did not.

It wasn’t all smooth as slime sailing for the GPK, though.

Many schools banned the cards, and rights holders of Cabbage Patch Kids successfully sued Topps for trademark infringement. Topps had to modify the appearances of the Garbage Pail Kids to remove resemblances to their more wholesome cousins and change the logo design. They also had to pay a cool $30m.

Success was relatively short-lived for the GPK. Despite their initial success, interest waned after a few years (presumably as initial fans got a bit older) and a planned series 16 was never produced.

There was plenty of time to make a film, though, and that was released in 1987. It did…poorly…and is considered by some to be the worst film ever made. Money quote from wikipedia – “The title characters are depicted by dwarf actors in low-budget costumes, with poorly functioning mouths and expressionless faces.” It has a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

As far as I can tell / remember, Nasty Nick isn’t that special outside the card’s scarcity.

Check out the trailer. It’s awful.

Recent sales history and Valuation

Rally bought the card for $17,900, but the market value has decreased since then. From their SEC filing:The Company decided to write-down the value of the asset due to changing market conditions from the purchase price of $17,900 to $13,544.

Other ways to invest in Garbage Pail Kids

If you want to go nuts on GPK, you can buy a sealed wax box (48 packs) for a cool $80k. I imagine they’d be open to offers.

A single pack can be had for $3,500. There’s actually a wide range of prices for sealed packs from $1k to $5k, and I can’t really figure out why.



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