Muhammad Ali Fight-worn Boots at Auction

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Sports Memorabilia in 2022

The sports memorabilia index remained flat for the second week in a row. This could be a potential consolidation of support and will be interesting to see if it breaks out higher or continues the recent downward slump.

The index is down 4% for 2022 YTD.

All stats come from assets trading on secondary markets at Otis, Collectable, and Rally

Last Week

Fractional secondary markets

Baseball and basketball memorabilia, the two largest components of the index, were down for the week, but strong results from football and boxing memorabilia helped offset these losses.

The Chris Bosh Collectable sneaker gave up some of their prior week gains as they fell 37%.

The Rally ‘71 Willie Mays jersey has had a rough introduction to live trading as it fell another 29%.

With the NFL playoffs perhaps pushing football assets to the front of traders minds, the Manning helmet (up 24%), Emmitt Smith jersey (up 9.7%) and Johnny Unitas jersey (up 8.3%) all had strong gains on the week.

All stats come from assets trading on the secondary markets at Otis, Collectable, and Rally


Shareholders of the 2014 Kobe Bryant Game-Worn Jersey on Rally accepted a $95,000 buyout offer ($90,382 net), returning 32.4% from last trade and 15.9% from IPO.


Will the ticket to last Sunday’s Bucs game be the book-end to Brady’s career?

The weekly Heritage sports collectable auction wrapped up with ticket offerings for both the blue-chip and value collector.

A Tom Brady Foxboro debut PSA 7 ticket sold for $10,500, an increase over its last sale for $2,400 in August 2020. On the budget end of the spectrum, less than $500 got the winner a couple of 1936 World Series tickets from Game 4 and Game 6.

In my personal opinion, the tickets space is 🔥 right now, but it feels like a pump and dump to me. We’re still on the upswing, so there are opportunities if you’re brave.

The thing to do is to keep an eye on the major auction houses’ Twitter feeds. As soon as they stop extolling the virtues of tickets, that’s when you know the party’s over.

This Week and Next

Fractional Market IPOs

No new memorabilia IPOs this week on the fractional platforms; Collectable does open the Bobby Orr Bruins jersey to a full IPO.

Our recommendation? [INSIDERS ONLY]

Fractional Secondary Markets

Joltin’ Joe left and went away, but some great treasures to remember him by

Rally debuts three memorabilia assets for live trading, all of which are trading slightly above inferred values.

Note: Market cap data correct as of 1/25

Joe DiMaggio Rolex DateJust 16030

  • Platform: Rally
  • Market Cap: $15,500
  • Inferred Value: $15,000 (maintaining inferred value; this Rolex model can be bought used for $5,000 – $6,000 and $10,000 premium for the DiMaggio provenance seems reasonable)
  • Recommendation: [INSIDERS ONLY]

‘50-’51 Joe Dimaggio Game-Worn Jersey (Final Season)

  • Platform: Rally
  • Market Cap: $239,625
  • Inferred Value: $200,000
  • Recommendation: [INSIDERS ONLY]

‘75 Fight Worn Ali Boots

  • Platform: Rally
  • Market Cap: $46,000
  • Inferred Value: $45,000
  • Recommendation: [INSIDERS ONLY]


His Airness is well-represented

The MINT25 auction at Lelands enters its final week. In addition to the assets highlighted in last week’s Insider issue, other offerings of note are:



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