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This week we have a Tik-Tok VR girl with an underpriced account, a Mexican YouTube channel, and one of the top 10 horse-related accounts on Instagram.

Let’s explore



Asking Price: $3,800​ ​
Inferred Value: $5,518

​This TikTok account does original videos of playing VR games.

This account is big and growing very quickly. It has 517,000 followers and gains about 1,000 new followers per day

Lots of opportunity with this one, I’m a bit surprised the owner is selling. Virtual reality is hot, and continues to power forward, with more companies coming online each month looking for ways to advertise. You could dropship VR consoles, hardware, and accessories,​ and more.

VR swordplay stuff is fun to watch. And she is good.​

The followers-to-posts ratio is 7.3x above benchmark, indicating this account is getting followed far more often than average. Growth is strong and should continue that way.

The problem with this account is engagement is pretty low, which may partially account for the lower than expected price. Otherwise this account would be worth 2x more. Even with low engagement, asking price is likely undervalued by $1,718


  • Category: Gaming and Entertainment
  • Followers: 517,000 (Benchmark: 38,000)
  • Posts: 105 (Benchmark: 56)
  • Avg Likes: 13,131 per post (Benchmark: 2,806)
  • Avg Comments: 85 per post (Benchmark: 89)
  • Engagement: 3% (Benchmark: 11%)
  • Likes: 3.3m

Derivative Metrics

  • Followers to posts ratio: 4,924 (Benchmark: 678)
  • Price per 1k followers: $7.53 (Benchmark: $14.17)
  • Price per point of engagement: $1,266 (Benchmark: $345)
  • Comments to likes ratio: 0.65%

Inferred Value: $5,518

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[confidential] Mexican entertainment YouTube channel


Asking Price: $1,961​ ​
Inferred Value: [Insiders Only]

​This 5-year old Spanish language YouTube channel has 137,000 subscribers and dishes out Mexican entertainment news, celebrities, and fun facts.

It has fallen from grace since its 2017 heyday, but has still earned over $17,000 since inception. It is currently monetized, earning about $78/month.

Audience is mostly male, Spanish-speaking 18-24 year olds. Audience is located in Mexico and the United States.

Metrics-wise, the site performs well. Compared to benchmarks, it has 6.5x more subscribers, 2.6x more views, and earns 2x as much per month.

Although it earns less per subscriber, it earns more per view — which is what fundamentally matters. The channel has no copyright strikes against it, and the owner is transferring the email address as well.


  • Category: Entertainment
  • Subscribers: 137,000 (Benchmark: 21,800)
  • Total views: 51.6m (Benchmark: 19m)
  • Avg views per month: 120,500 (Benchmark: 75,550)
  • Revenue: $78/month (Benchmark: $39)
  • Multiple: 2.1x annual revenue

Derivative Metrics

Inferred Value: [Insiders Only]

[Instagram account details for​ Insiders only]

[Insiders Only]

Asking Price: $570​ ​Inferred Value: [Insiders Only]

Active Instagram account posting high quality images and video about horses. Nearly 700 posts and ~67,000 followers. High engagement. Averages over 10,000 likes per post. Scores well on all metrics, especially price per engagement metrics, which are well below the benchmarks.

Taking into consideration audience & engagement, this is one of the top 10 horse-related accounts on Instagram.

​​Followers are mainly from the US and Brazil, with followers from a long tail of countries (no pun intended) Audience is split pretty evenly between male & female.

No hugely viral posts, just consistent likes & comments. Tough to tell how much content is original and how much is lifted (some of it is almost certainly taken from elsewhere). But some of the images are superb, and the videos are fun.

​​Engagement is far higher than benchmarks, despite the owner making very little effort with captions. (Almost all posts use the exact same caption)

​There is lots of money and opportunity with horses. You can sell sponsored posts, dropship riding gear, and promote horse racing & betting platforms.

Listing has been live for a few weeks with no offers, so negotiation should be easier. Price per engagement is way above the benchmark.


Derivative Metrics

Inferred Value: [Insiders Only]

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