Author: Stefan Von Imhof

cramer meme
Inverse Cramer

Cramer’s Mea Culpa

Crazy times we’re living in, folks. Last week Cramer got torn apart by the media for his Silicon Valley Bank call.

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Real Estate

Investing in Student Housing

We do an analysis of the strongest university markets in the US, and weave that into a cool hedging strategy: Using STRs to combat seasonality.

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Inverse Cramer

Cramer trips on his d*ck

What a week it’s been. Apologies for the crass headline, but boy did Cramer make a bad call on SVB. Like really bad.

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Music and Film

Film and Broadway Financing

Explore how indie movies & broadway shows get off the ground. While there are success stories, film financing is one of the riskier alternative investments out there.

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Inverse Cramer

The Wolf of Wrong Street

Last week was a short one. JC made a bunch of buy calls, then fucked off to enjoy a 5-day weekend. (That’s 3 vacations this year already — the guy knows how to live!)

breaking bad airbnb
Music and Film

Investing in Film Houses

From Breaking Bad to Full House, we look at how iconic film and TV homes can turn into lucrative investments.

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KingsCrowd Review and Deep Dive

Today we’re looking at KingsCrowd, a platform that analyzes startups that are fundraising and finds “diamonds in the rough.”