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Highlights from the full issue:

  • Macro: JP Morgan had a record year
  • Real Estate: eCommerce is changing industrial RE
  • Startups: More money is flowing into Space startups
  • Private Credit: David Rubenstein is bullish
  • Crypto: Bitcoin ETFs had a great first week
  • NFTs: Solana NFTs are still pumping
  • Art: The guy who put a $75M painting on a superyacht
  • Vintage Autos: They aren’t making new Camaro’s anymore
  • Coins: Two dozen ancient Greek coins were discovered
  • Farmland: Supply is increasing in Britain
  • Luxury: The secondhand market is booming
  • Wine and Spirits: Macallan celebrates 200 years
  • Film & Music: A $9.9M licensing suit
  • Precious Metals: China is making a ton of aluminum
  • Collectibles: Star Wars toys are struggling
  • Websites: It’s time to buy a .ing domain

Let’s go.


Macro View

Because you haven’t added any specialist topics, you’ll only see this macro view today.

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Bullish News

Bearish News

What are the odds?

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What are we doing?

​ALTS 1​ Fund news:

Expect to see Q4 updates this week.

Real Estate

Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in real estate right now:

Stay away from CRE.


Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in startups right now:

Space is so hot right now (not really, it’s actually very cold there).

Private Equity and Private Credit

Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in PE and Private Credit right now:

It’s infrastructure season.


Here’s what you need to know:

Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in Crypto right now:

Investors sold the BTC ETF news, and now may be a good opportunity to buy the dip.


Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in NFTs right now:

Start watching Hockey.


Bullish News

  • Billionaire Joe Lewis displayed Francis Bacon’s final triptych, worth $75 million, aboard his $250 million ​Aviva superyacht​.
  • Two Egon Schiele paintings, each worth over ​$1 million​, were returned to Holocaust victim Fritz Grünbaum’s heirs.
  • Belgian officials ​retrieved stolen art​ by Chagall and Picasso, valued at $900,000, concluding a ten-year investigation with the works intact.
  • A ​Beijing court decision​ ruled that AI-generated artwork can be copyrighted.

Bearish News

How to invest in Artwork right now:

Take your AI Art to China.

Vintage Autos

Bullish News

  • King Charles’ ​former Land Rover​ sparked interest at The Practical Classic Car and Restoration Show Sale.
  • Auction site ​Bring a Trailer​ saw a 2% sales increase in 2023, hitting $1.4 billion and selling over 30,000 cars.
  • The ​Amelia Auction 2024​ featured two Ford GT Heritage Editions, with the 2006 model reaching up to $650,000 and the 2019 model estimated at $1.25 million.
  • Razorfly Studios undertook a ​nostalgic restoration​ of the ’51 Studebaker Commander from “The Muppet Movie.”

Bearish News

How to invest in Vintage Autos right now:

Double check that “mileage” isn’t being misreported.

Rare Coins

Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in Rare Coins right now:

Don’t stake your retirement on Wheat Pennies.


Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in Farmland right now:

Be prepared for glyphosate to stop working.

Luxury Goods

Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in Luxury Goods right now:

Luxury brands and demand are falling across the board.

Wine and Spirits

Bullish News

Bearish News

  • Wine sales ​plummeted​ again, marking a 2-4% drop for the third year.
    • Spirits are set to surpass wine for the first time in 45 years.
    • The value of fine wines ​tanked​ in 2023, with 90% of tracked wines losing value, and 25% falling over 10%.
  • In Kenya, spirits imports ​fell​ from 16.3 million liters in 2020 to 13.2 million liters in 2022 due to tax increases.

How to invest in Wine and Spirits right now:

Go viral on TikTok.

There are three spots left on our investor trip to Tequila in February. ​Join us, won’t you?​

Music and Film

Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in Music and Film right now:

Blame your losses on other people’s “creative accounting”

Metals and Gems

Bullish News

  • Palladium and platinum have reached ​price parity​.
  • Copper prices ​rebounded​ and China’s refined copper output rose by 13.5% in 2023.
  • China’s aluminum production hit a ​record high​ of 41.59 million tons in 2023, with an expected increase to 42.7 million tons in 2024.
  • Over 20 leading mining firms in the International Council on Mining and Metals pledged a ​nature-positive future​ by 2030, anticipating a 500% surge in essential mineral demand.
  • The ​3D printing metal market​ is projected to reach $2.95 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 21.4%.
  • Element Zero raised $10 million for its ​low-temperature mineral processing​ technology, which could cut global carbon emissions from iron and steelmaking by 8%.

Bearish News

How to invest in Metals and Gems right now:

Buy a 3D printer.


Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in Collectibles right now:

Don’t stalk and harass your competitors.

Websites and Domains

Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in Websites and Domains right now:


That’s all for this week




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  • We hold BTC and ETH in our ​ALTS 1 Fund​.
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