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Highlights from the full issue:

  • Macro: Unemployment claims last week fell by 11,000
  • Real Estate: Blackstone’s apartment REIT goes private
  • Startups: The space economy is on the rise
  • Private Credit: Q1 saw an uptick in leveraged buyouts
  • Crypto: Stablecoins grew by $10 billion in 30 days
  • NFTs: Meme coin PUPS is on the rise
  • Art: Christie’s launched a buy now, pay later scheme
  • Vintage Autos: A 15 mph Ferrari attracted a $450,000 bid
  • Coins: US mint sales are dropping
  • Farmland: Corn is back and in high demand
  • Luxury: Y2K is back
  • Wine, Tequila, and Spirits: Vodka is back on top
  • Film & Music: Taylor Swift is back on TikTok
  • Precious Metals: Costco Gold sales are surging
  • Collectibles: Star Wars Chicken Leg Stilts are set for auction
  • Websites: Alabama increases internet sales taxes

Let’s go.

Macro View

Bullish News

Bearish News

What are the odds?

Kashi is showing a 17% chance of a ​June rate cut​, down from nearly 93% a couple of months ago.

Get $25 to play around with using this link.

What are we doing?

​Altea​ Highlights

Check out the ​full roundup​.

Live Deals

​​Altea Tequila SPV​​

  • Investment size: $10k minimum
  • Hold period: 3 – 5 years
  • Potential IRR: 35% to 40%
  • Fees: 2% management | 20% carry | nominal one-time subscription TBC

What’s the deal

Altea will acquire 50+ barrels of 100% agave tequila through this SPV to buy and hold for at least 3 years as the spirits age.

The barrels will be acquired, stored, and disposed of through our network of tequila brokers, private collectors, and exclusive brands in Jalisco, Mexico, over the course of 3 to 5 years.

Funding Status: $372k firm commits.

What’s changed since last week

This is going to the lawyers this week.

​​Frank Auerbach Charcoal​

One Frank Auerbach Charcoal

  • Investment size: up to $560k
  • Duration: 3 – 10 years
  • Potential IRR: 15% to 20%
  • Fees: 1.5% management | 20% carry

Through the same London art connection that brought us Art Bundle I, which was oversubscribed by 25% and has returned 19% in three months, we have the opportunity to acquire a unique piece by legendary German/British artist Frank Auerbach.

What’s changed since last week:

This deal is accepting signatures and funds on our new Altea-branded investment portal.

New Deals

​Alf’s Macro Fund​

  • Strategy: Global Macro
  • Target Return/Vol: 10%+ target return / 10-12% annualized vol
  • Minimum allocation: $250,000 (less with an Altea SPV)
  • Preferential fee structure for early investors
  • Initial Offering Period: Summer 2024
  • 2022 and 2023 performance: +25% and +11% total return

What’s the deal

If you’re into macro, you probably know Alfonso from the ​Macro Compas​s. If not, I encourage you to sign up.

His fund’s thesis revolves around (a) more aggressive use of fiscal deficits and significant demographic shifts in a world with (b) more volatile growth and inflation that will result in (c) abundant macro opportunities.

The minimum investment is chunky, but if there’s enough interest from smaller checks, we can potentially put together an SPV to get you in. [​Read how that works and what the fees are​]

See the opportunity.​

Express interest.​

​Digital Marketing SPV​

  • Investment size: $2.5M ($5k minimum)
  • Potential IRR: 20% to 30%
  • Quarterly dividends
  • Hold period: Long Term
  • Exit opportunities: Yearly
  • Diversified portfolio
  • Fees: 10% share of distributions

What’s the deal

Onfolio Holdings and Onfolio Agency SPV will co-invest to acquire profitable marketing agencies. Onfolio will acquire, hold, and grow agencies that are already profitable. The investors (you) will participate via the SPV, which will make minority investments into the agencies Onfolio acquires. While Onfolio will hold these agencies forever, investors will receive quarterly dividends and can cash out annually if they wish.

See the opportunity.​

RSVP to Dom’s Q&A session next week.​

Apply to Altea

​ALTS 1​ Fund news

Q1 results will be out this week.

Real Estate

Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in real estate right now:

Not a great time to be a Vietnamese Embezzler.


Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in startups right now:

The Space economy is going, you guessed it, to the moon.

Private Equity and Private Credit

Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in PE and Private Credit right now:

Leveraged buyouts are on the rise.


Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in Crypto right now:

I would’ve guessed that much more than half of Solana pre-sales are scams.


Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in NFTs right now:

Either Trump collectors have diamond hands, or the collection is properly dead.


Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in Artwork right now:

That museum worker knows how to make his own opportunities. Shoot your shot, kumpel.

Vintage Autos

Bullish News

Bearish News

  • A vintage Ferrari mechanic ​was arrested​ for theft, trafficking stolen property, forgery, and fraud.
  • A study by ​The Better Business Bureau​ found a rise in vendor scam reports in 2023, with car sales as the most damaging type.
  • Used and new car prices have been ​declining​, and it may take time for the market to find a bottom.
  • Seven classic cars ​have dropped in price​, with the Jaguar E-Type Series 3 Roadster dropping by £10,000 since 2020.

How to invest in Vintage Autos right now:

Who wants to go faster than 15mph in a Ferrari anyway?

Rare Coins

Bullish News

Bearish News

  • US Mint sales of American Eagle and American Buffalo gold bullion coins ​dropped in March​, with just 12,000 ounces and 5,000 ounces sold, respectively.
  • The cost of producing US coins has ​increased significantly​, with a cent now costing 3.07 cents.
  • Wyoming coin shop owner Justin Foster, was accused of ​faking the theft​ of a client’s $100,000 coin collection left for appraisal.

How to invest in Rare Coins right now:

And that’s just my 6.14 cents.


Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in Farmland right now:

I don’t doubt the WASDE report, but I’ve never heard anybody “demand” corn.

Luxury Goods

Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in Luxury Goods right now:

Something is a bit poetic about buying a dive watch on a cruise ship.

Wine, Tequila, and other Spirits

Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in Wine and Spirits right now:

Time to welcome Vodka back to her throne.

Music and Film

Bullish News

Bearish News

  • Paramount investors ​argued to the board​ that the Skydance deal prioritizes Redstone’s interests over shareholders, causing the stock to fall 7%.
  • Taylor Swift’s songs ​returned to TikTok​ after a 10-week hiatus due to a licensing dispute with Universal Music.

How to invest in Music and Film right now:

Altea is going to Nashville this autumn.

  • Est. dates: October 21 – 25
  • Est. cost: $7,000 – $9,000

​Trip Overview​

​Reserve your spot​

Metals and Gems

Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in Metals and Gems right now:

Hey Siri, give me directions to a Costco in Kentucky.


Bullish News

Bearish News

How to invest in Collectibles right now:

Melting down a World Series ring is the real crime.

Websites and Domains

Bullish News

  • The .ai domain name ​tripled in size​ over the past 12 months, reaching 425,060 registered domains as of April 12, 2024.
  • A California man was awarded a ​$486,432 judgment​ against Epik Inc. over a stolen domain name.

Bearish News

How to invest in Websites and Domains right now:

Check out Dom’s SPV above.

See the opportunity.​

​RSVP to Dom’s Q&A session next week.​





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