Nomad Capitalism: How to embrace global citizenship

As you may know, ​international investing​ is a huge part of who we are here at Alts.

First, we’re a fully remote company. I’m a US citizen who lives in Spain, my co-founder Stefan is a US citizen who lives in Australia, and the rest of our team is dispersed around the US and the world.

Second, we believe that some of the most overlooked opportunities lie abroad. So we infuse an international flavor into everything we do:

Our friends at ​Nomad Capitalist​ agree. These guys help you embrace global citizenship to legally reduce your taxes, diversify and protect your assets, and maximize their freedom.

They have an upcoming event called ​Nomad Capitalist Live​ which is happening Sep 25 – 28 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Let’s go 👇

The problem with location arbitrage

So much about investing is investing in yourself. Not just making money, but saving money. And for many, that means relocating to a country where your dollar goes further; a practice known as location arbitrage.

In an era marked by rapid globalization and digital jobs that can be performed anywhere, the quest for optimal jurisdictions for taxation, citizenship, and asset protection has become paramount

This concept is embraced by digital nomads, entrepreneurs, investors, and remote workers unbound by a specific location.

This pursuit is at the heart of Nomad Capitalist’s mission: To help successful entrepreneurs and investors Go where you’re treated best.

Founder Andrew Henderson literally ​wrote the book​ on nomad capitalism.

But there’s a big problem with location arbitrage.

Dealing with the absolute maze of legal paperwork, tax codes, telco logistics, and of course immigration laws (in both your home country and host country!)

Take it from me as someone who’s done it: Getting proper advice is critical.

Who Is Andrew Henderson?

Andrew Henderson embarked on a journey in 2008, fueled by his father’s advice to find places around the world that offer the best treatment in terms of living conditions, business environment, and investment opportunities.

His quest led to the creation of ​Nomad Capitalist​, a platform and a service dedicated to sharing his discoveries and strategies with others.

Henderson’s achievements speak volumes:

  • Reduced his global tax rate from 43% to 1%
  • Acquired multiple second citizenships
  • Invested in real estate across seven countries
  • Spends time in over 100 countries in search of freedom and opportunity

What does Nomad Capitalist offer?

Today, Nomad Capitalist is the world’s leading offshore consulting firm.

They help in three big areas:

  • Financial consulting: Utilizing offshore companies, foreign bank accounts, and legal tax strategies to enhance wealth creation.
  • Citizenship planning: Offering long-term success through second residencies, dual citizenship, and strategic tax residency.
  • Investment planning: Encouraging investment in overseas markets for higher returns, including real estate, stocks, and alternatives.

What sets Nomad Capitalist apart is its multi-jurisdictional expertise. It’s not just theoretical knowledge, they have a global team with boots on the ground.

The team’s insights into international living, investing, and wealth management provide a unique perspective that financial advisors lack.

Think of it like tax planning, immigration law and (what I would call) high-end nomad lifestyle consulting all in one package.

Nomad Capitalist Live 2024

​Nomad Capitalist Live 2024​ is the pinnacle event for those interested in global citizenship.

Set against the backdrop of the culturally rich (and fast-growing) Kuala Lumpur, this annual September gathering is designed for individuals looking to navigate the intricacies of legal tax reduction, international investing, and the nomadic lifestyle.


What you’ll do

  • Hear from global nomad capitalists. Learn from people living and making money overseas. Hear from successful capitalists with businesses and investment portfolios on every continent.
  • Most diverse crowd ever. Connect with the Nomad Capitalist team. Get unmatched networking opportunities with over 500 guests from more than 40 countries.
  • Updated offshore insights. Things change fast in this world. You’ll learn the latest from international residence permits to tax law, to bank accounts (as well as what’s no longer working)
  • 45+ sessions in everything from offshore banking to secondary citizenships.

Beyond the invaluable knowledge, this event is a chance to exchange experiences, ideas, and strategies with like-minded well-traveled individuals.


Nomad Capitalist represents a beacon for those seeking to optimize their financial, personal, and business lives on a global scale.

This September’s ​Nomad Capitalist Live​ event in Kuala Lumpur is a convergence of the world’s leading minds in global citizenship and wealth management.

It’s an opportunity to learn from the best, network with the successful, and take the first step toward a more liberated and prosperous life.

This event promises to be an invaluable stepping stone on your journey to “going where you’re treated best.”

Book your seat now →


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This issue is a sponsored deep dive, meaning Alts has been paid to write an independent analysis of Nomad Capitalist. Nomad Capitalist has agreed to offer an unconstrained look at its business, offerings, and operations. Nomad Capitalist is also a sponsor of Alts, but our research is neutral and unbiased. This should not be considered financial, legal, tax, or investment advice, but rather an independent analysis to help readers make their own investment decisions. All opinions expressed here are ours, and ours alone. We hope you find it informative and fair.



Stefan von Imhof

Stefan von Imhof

As the CEO of Alts, Stefan lives and breathes alternative asset analysis and valuations. His alternative investing newsletter has grown into — the world's largest alt investing community, with over 200,000 investors. His favorite alternative investments are holiday rentals, cash-flowing websites, and especially his collection of 300 vinyl records. Originally from Boston and Santa Barbara, CA, he now lives with his wife in Australia.

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