Author: Brian Flaherty

Brian Flaherty
Brian Flaherty
Brian's interest in finance started from an early age, when he used money saved from working summer jobs to purchase his first mutual fund at 15. He went on to pursue the field in school, eventually graduating from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. After graduation, Brian put his expertise to work advising institutions and high-net-worth investors as a strategist at a wealth management firm. Recently, Brian transitioned to pursue a career as a financial writer, where he leverages his writing skills and his financial knowledge to help investors uncover the best opportunities and make intelligent use of their capital.
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The Economics of Media Bundling

The streaming market is completely overrun. We explore the media bundling pendulum swing. How it works, where we are in the cycle, and and why re-bundling is an inevitability.

space x secondaries
Pre-IPO Secondaries

Five charts that explain the secondaries market

The secondary market looks nothing like it did a year ago — or at any point in its history. These five charts paint a good picture of what’s happening today.

atm machine economics and plumbing
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The Hidden World of ATM Machines

People don’t think much about ATMs, but there’s fascinating stuff going on behind the scenes. If you ever wondered about the “plumbing” behind ATM machines, this issue is for you.

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The CIA’s Secret VC Fund

Today, we’re looking at ​In-Q-Tel​, the secretive firm funding some of America’s leading tech companies, operated by none other than the CIA.


The Four Pillars of Intellectual Property

We break down the four pillars of IP ownership: trademarks, trade secrets, patents, and copyrights. If you were ever confused about this stuff, this issue is for you.